Location: Washington, D.C.
Home Court: True Reformers Hall
Nickname: "Twelfth Street Colored Y.M.C.A."
Colors: Team Red, Slate Gray, Ivory
Manager: Edwin Bancroft “E.B.” Henderson

MAJOR is the first D.C.-based premium footwear and streetwear retailer, located in the historic Georgetown section of Washington D.C., our nation’s capital. Built for the connoisseurs of better experience and better culture through style, MAJOR is the ultimate shopping destination for young men and women from all over the world. At MAJOR, our goal is to give our customers a new level of luxury experience in shopping.


Location: Philadelphia, Pa.
Nickname: “Philadelphia’s Representative Team”
Colors: Black, Gray

Philly-based VILLA strives to be the premier fashion retailer by fusing the best of fashion and music into a high energy shopping experience. VILLA is committed to delivering superior customer service along with financial support and volunteer service to the communities we serve.


Location: Harlem, New York City
Home Court: Renaissance Ballroom
Nickname: “Rens”, “Harlem Rens”, “Big R Five”
Colors: Navy, Gold
Manager: Robert “Bob” Douglas

“Being able to work with the Black Fives - and more specifically The New York Rens is really such an honor. It’s a testament to the sport of basketball, and the history behind the game. It’s so great that the strides we’ve made in the art, design and youth culture communities have transcended through time to such a respected and legendary organization.” - Reed Space, New York City


Location: Los Angeles, California
Home Court: Olympic Auditorium
Colors: Team Red, Ivory, College Blue
Owner: Jack Duddy

Hall Of Fame is a Los Angeles based, sports inspired athletic brand established in 2007.


Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nickname: “The Monticellos”
Colors: Brown, Yellow
Manager: Cumberland Posey

Shop412 was birthed in 2007. It started out as just an idea. A feeling centered on our desire to represent our city, our families, our friends. Together. Today, 412 has become a movement that all of Pittsburgh has created. It’s become the logo for our city and an icon that stands for our collective experiences. Blue collar or white collar. From a professional athlete with championship rings, to the little league star playing in the glimmer of park lights, to the artistry forged here by Warhol and Wiz known the world over, all of these experiences add up to who we are Together. Because in Pittsburgh, where our Hometown Is Hero, Shop412 is its number one fan.


Location: Orange, New Jersey
Nickname: "The Independents," "The Big Six"
Colors: Forest Green, Ivory
Manager: Nelson Frye

“Everything from the design of our store to the product selection stems from our roots which began inYonkers, NYin 1907. What began as an extension of a family business that spans three generations, has grown over the years because we have kept true to what we believe in, our product, and its selection. When it comes to product, it is impossible to take away from authenticity and heritage—whether it is on the court, the field, or the street. We strive to bring that mix to the customer, while keeping a close knit vibe and atmosphere.” - Packer, Teaneck, New Jersey


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Home Court: Eighth Regiment Armory, Savoy Ballroom (Chicago)
Nickname: “Savoys”
Colors: Black, White
Manager: Dick Hudson, Al Monroe

The Chicago-based Leaders “1354” story was created in 2002 at 1354 E. 53rd Street, in the Historical Hyde Park neighborhood, where our vision of selling conscious customers an item that they identified as either art or part of their own story. Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become... LEADNEVERFOLLOW.